Security starts with trust

Data security today is no longer optional. New legislation and countless data breaches have put the need for secure databases front and centre.

Beacon was built from the ground-up to be hosted securely in the elastic cloud. Our scalable and robust global infrastructure enables Beacon to stay ahead of the curve and offer a secure, reliable, and GDPR compliant environment.

"Keeping your data secure is the most important thing we do at Beacon."
David Simpson
Chief Technology Officer @ Beacon


All sensitive data like passwords, encrypted fields, and API keys are encrypted at rest in our data stores.


Network security

All communications between your browser and Beacon's website and mobile apps are encrypted via HTTPS.


Session management

You can monitor sessions by IP address, location, time, browser and operating system and revoke access to prevent unauthorized access to your Beacon account.


Virtual private cloud

Data is held behind a closed network on servers that are not accessible by the public.


Roles & permissions

Tailor and standardise access roles for different team members.


Password policies

All passwords must have a minimum strength, and passwords cannot be re-used.


Two-factor authentication

Secure logins by requiring two-factor authentication using your mobile phone.


Data backups

We run automated backups every day to ensure your data stays safe.


Credit card processing

Beacon's card processing (powered by Stripe) is PCI compliant, and card details are not stored on our servers.


On call policy

Our engineers work hard to keep Beacon running all of the time. We have an on-call policy for engineers just in case.

View our system status, at any time

We know that trust is earned - and that this starts with transparency about our systems' reliability and performance. The Beacon status page provides you with info about our app and API over the last 30 days.

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Data protection you can trust and tailor

Beacon offers administrators control of password policies, data encryption, session management, permissions and other security features - all in a simple dashboard.

You can tailor your policies to meet the needs of your organisation.


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