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Gone are the days when one tool can do everything. It's just not feasible for one company to build a fundraising tool, payment processor, CRM, and support ticketing system! (And if they did, it definitely wouldn't be good)

Beacon integrates the best tools available today, so data can flow back and forth seamlessly between systems.

You won't find yourself copy-pasting supporter details from one place to another or uploading spreadsheets once a week!

Connected with the tools you know and love

Beacon integrations are automatic. No spreadsheets or manual data entry required.

See the emails you and your colleagues have exchanged with your supporters.
Import donations, donor details, fundraisers and campaigns.
Import new subscribers into Beacon, and send personalized campaigns in 1 click.
Keep your subscribers in sync with Beacon, and 1-click export to dotmailer address books.
Submit donations to the HMRC Gift Aid portal in just a few clicks, fully audited.
Import donations processed via Stripe, linked to the relevant donor.
Import donations processed via direct debit into Beacon, linked to the relevant donor.
Update supporter communications preferences when they opt-in / opt-out.
Import registrants of events in EventBrite in real-time, tied to the relevant event.
Import ticket data to show communications with your front-line support team.
Import conversations with your supporters directly into Beacon automatically.

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