Do great things with data.

Designed for the cloud, Beacon is a nonprofit database like never before. We've built a world-class CRM that's simple, flexible, and beautiful. You're going to love it.

Beacon is the place where your data lives

Beacon brings all of your data together in one secure place and gives your team the tools they need to do amazing things with it.

We've designed Beacon from the ground up to help you stay GDPR compliant.

Automated Gift Aid

Beacon makes it easy to manage and automate the entire Gift Aid process. Eligible donations are automatically organised and submitted to the nice people at HMRC.

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Talks to the systems you use every day

Modern software is built to be connected - you shouldn't have to spend thousands on developers for basic integrations.

Beacon integrates with modern platforms including Facebook, JustGiving, Stripe, Zendesk and the Fundraising Preference Service.

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A modern CRM that's simple, flexible, and beautiful

Databases today are pretty complex. Clumsy manual data entry, clunky reporting, and archaic interfaces can all get in the way of making your impact.

Beacon makes managing your data a breeze by being configurable to your needs whilst still being elegant and straightforward to use. It's the way modern software should be. Beacon has been built by people who are genuinely passionate about creating a delightful user experience.

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